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Pursuit of Design for Everyday Things.
To make a day bit brighter, a life bit happier.


At Cocoloco, we seek to find unique and stylish lifestyle brands around the world and cater them to the fashion-forward trend leaders as yourself. From bikinis to sexy tube-top aprons to leopard printed tents, we focus on finding one-of-a-kind items that will satisfy every girl's fantasies.


[ Our Brands ]

  • Consfield: Fashion meets surf. Surf meets fashion.
  • Jessie Steele: Vintage-inspired Stylish Aprons from Sunny California.
  • Fieldcandy: Ever imagined a leopard printed tent? Yes, they do exist!
  • Ecua-Andino: 100% handmade panama hat from Ecuador.


We are open to hear any brand, design, and product suggestions.

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Cocoloco Company Address:

Songpagu Jamsil7dong Asia Sunsoochon #6-506

Seoul, Korea 138-707


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